Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab
That Fits Your Schedule

With morning and evening group times, we make recovery flexible and convenient.

About Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab fits in with your life. We know that the responsibilities of life such as work, school, or family can make recovery difficult. Our team wants to make it easier. That’s why we offer intensive outpatient therapy with morning and evening group times. It’s true that you need to make time for recovery, but it helps if treatment sessions are more flexible.

We also offer partial hospitalization (PHP), a day-long treatment program that provides more support. While this program is not as flexible, it can help prevent the need for an inpatient stay. This gives you more time at home with your family. You can attend treatment during the day and return to your loved ones at night.

About Our Addiction Specialists

The Rehab After Work team is made up of diverse professionals: Certified Advanced Addiction & Drug Counselors, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, social workers, medical doctors, and psychiatrists.

Although each team member brings different experiences and qualifications to our program, they all share some important qualities.

We walk with you on your healing journey without judgement. We are always advocating for you and your recovery.

Your past does influence your drug or alcohol use, so we’ll talk about it when appropriate. However, our program is focused on finding solutions in the present. Each client sets their own treatment goals, and programming is focused on achieving these goals.

Our team is dedicated to the field of addiction recovery. We are constantly learning about new developments in treatment and applying our knowledge. We only use evidence-based treatment practices that have been proven effective.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Every year, thousands of people receive help from the Rehab After Work programs. Whether you are seeking flexible outpatient rehab for drug or alcohol use, or you need a higher level of care such as partial hospitalization, we can meet your needs.

Nedson Campbell, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Hannah Marley, MS
Assistant Vice President of Operations

Jodi Jaspan, MS, LPC
Director of Business Development

Amy Slutzky
Community Liaison
[email protected]


Pennsylvania Rehab Facilities

We have local treatment centers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. We also offer teletherapy sessions so you can attend treatment from home.

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