Rehab After Work
Client Testimonials

“Upon starting Rehab After Work IOP, I had my doubts about my recovery. Boy, was I wrong. The program has saved my life…My sessions have impacted my life and brought out things I truly believed I would never tell a soul. I have made some new friends who share in my treatment. I am a strong-minded, thickheaded person who is shocked how well I have taken to this program and will continue with therapy as long as they will grace me with be a part of group.”

“My most recent experience at Rehab After Work has been a life-changing one. I have the longest sobriety time ever. I was a chronic relapse for 12 years and have always come back to Rehab After Work after residential treatment. Some, this combination of coming here, going to meetings, and trusting in my higher power is the key to my recovery.”

“The group sessions are wonderful. I get a lot out of it. I feel great when I leave and can’t wait to go back. I highly recommend this to all.”
WENDY D. – Havertown Outpatient

“Rehab After Work has been very welcoming. The evaluation process was smooth and easy and I love the groups that we have. I can share openly and everyone is so willing to give me feedback.”

“This is my second time here fighting my disease of addiction. My therapist is great. He offers great insight and tools to fight our addiction. Having been in counseling, therapy, rehab, and IOP three times I really feel I can now conquer my disease…As opposed to trying to ignore the urges to use, I now feel prepared and ready to take on this fight and live a life without using.

“This place helped in saving my life. If I weren’t held accountable like I was here, I don’t think I would be alive.”
TRAVIS C. – York Outpatient

“I was very happy with the openness and honesty I felt within the group. It fostered a good environment to test ideas and talk about our struggles with addiction. The counselor allowed us to drive the conversation but interjected, facilitating thoughts and questions at opportune times. Twenty-four sessions seemed like a long time at the beginning, but I felt like it was the right amount of time by the end…Overall, the program was very beneficial to me and I’d recommend it to others in a similar situation.”
MARK – York Outpatient

“This is not my first attempt at recovery, but I must say Rehab After Work is the most professional place I have attended, not only for IOP but individual sessions as well. The IOP groups are always run appropriately and maintain a positive, informative, and supportive atmosphere. Thank you.”
MATT K. – York Outpatient

“I was initially slated to attend and complete this program as a result of a third DUI I got in the beginning of April…I have been through numerous rehabs and IOPs and I can say with certainty that RAW is hands down the best program I have been involved with. Due to the style, tone, agenda and goals established by our counselor, I am confident, secure, positive, and legitimately happy with the progress I’ve made in my life. I look forward to group despite the large time commitment. I never leave feeling anything but encouraged. The one-on-one sessions help me immensely with coping skills that I didn’t use while in my active addiction. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of group and your program in general. I would recommend it to anyone seriously looking for help in beating their addiction. Well done and thanks!”
JENNIFER C. – York Outpatient

“My experience at Rehab After Work significantly helped me. When I had given up on myself, the people and counselor at the program didn’t give up on me. The program helped me build myself up and learn new coping skills to help me later.”
CAM O. – York Outpatient

“I have had nothing but positive experiences at Rehab After Work. The first patient touchpoint I experienced was via telephone. It was a difficult and frightening call for me to make, but within a few minutes…I felt that Rehab After Work could be a safe place for me to begin to heal and change my life. I was right. Rehab After Work is a place where I feel free to be honest about the issues and challenges I face in my life. The group dynamic is something I’ve never experienced before and hearing feedback from my counselor, as well as my fellow group members, proved to be a highly effective way of facing my problems head on…I love coming to Rehab After Work.”

“I specifically liked the open group format and learned from others’ experiences as well. The group was very relaxed and I always felt comfortable sharing my concerns. I highly recommend Rehab After Work to support early sobriety, especially after relapse.”

“My experience with Rehab After Work has been a learning experience. This was my first time doing any kind of treatment like this…I felt very comfortable speaking with [my therapist] and others in the group. It was a humbling feeling. Rehab After Work is a professional environment with no judgment, but people being honest with each other, trying to lend a helping hand and offer advice.”

“I came to Rehab After Work of my own accord…My first meeting solidified my choice. During the initial meeting, I felt very comfortable and was only asked for as much information as I was willing to provide. My session wasn’t just cut short after the 50 minute time frame. That to me spoke volumes in that Rehab After Work was concerned with the person. I had never been in a group setting before, but found it very welcoming…we can all relate in one way or another to each other’s struggles.”
MATT G. – York Outpatient

“I enjoyed coming to the classes and definitely think I have benefited from them. Great tools to help me cope with the stresses of life…I will be sad not to come back. Thanks for everything!”
VICKY N. – York Outpatient

“This is the first IOP session that I completely followed the program…it was a good experience.”
WESLEY J. – York Outpatient