To schedule an assessment/intake appointment or begin admission to Rehab after work, please call (800) 238-4357.

The first step for the potential Rehab After Work client is to complete an assessment. Rehab After Work conducts these assessments as part of our admissions process. These assessments allow us to identify the type of addiction an individual suffers from and develop a highly individualized and effective outpatient treatment plan. The client, medical professionals, and psychological professionals will work together to establish treatment priorities.

The admissions process also help us identify areas of improvement, which then allows us to determine how a client can achieve their personal goals and desired quality of life.

A Rehab After Work admissions professional will verify that any treatment services are covered by the individual’s insurance provider during the assessment process, whether it takes place on-site or is a mobile assessment.

Any professional referrals to community resources that come about as a result of the assessment are based on the identified needs and best interests of the potential client. If we believe that our treatment services may not be compatible with a client’s needs, or if we determine that they need a higher level of care, we can provide outside referrals to ensure that the individual receives the type of treatment best suited to them.

If a completed assessment indicates that an individual should pursue outpatient treatment with Rehab After Work, one of our admissions professionals will help develop and arrange your treatment plan, getting you started with the treatment process.

Assessments are crucial to ensuring that treatment is effective in helping you find recovery. Whether or not you pursue treatment with Rehab After Work following the assessment process, we remain an available resource for questions, support, and other needs.