Choosing the Right Treatment Center for You

Entering into addiction treatment is nerve-wracking in and of itself, so taking the time ahead of enrollment to research and choose the rehab program right for you is crucial.

When choosing an addiction treatment program, you’re likely to have many boxes you want to check, such as distance from home, whether you can attend treatment and keep your job or whether or not insurance will help cover the costs. 

In addition to your own priorities, here are some suggestions we recommend you keep in mind during your search. 

Focus on holistic care 

For many individuals, their struggle with addiction gave rise to a co-occurring disorder, such as anxiety, depression or borderline personality disorder, in addition to the substance use disorder. While treating the substance use disorder is vital, in order for treatment to take full effect, the co-occurring disorder also needs to be addressed. 

For this reason, it’s important to find a treatment center that is skilled in treating clients with a dual diagnosis. You might find this information on the facility’s website, through the certifications of the treatment staff (a counselor with a CCDP certification is a Certified Co-occurring Disorders Counselor) or by contacting and questioning the site directly. 

If you have been diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder, finding a treatment center well-versed in dual diagnosis is a must.


The last thing you want is to spend time and money at a treatment facility that doesn’t know what they’re doing. One fail-safe method of ensuring the credibility of the rehab program is checking their accreditation status. 

An accredited facility is one that meets certain strict requirements regarding patient care, staff training and overall professionalism and integrity at the site. If these performance standards are adequately demonstrated, a facility can receive a CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) or The Joint Commission accreditation. 

By looking for these labels on the facility’s website, you can be confident in your rehab program selection.

Length of program time 

While it might fit well into your timeline to have a rehab program that only lasts 30 days, you may actually want to avoid a program with such a strict deadline. Rehab is a personalized, individual process that takes a different amount of time for each person enrolled. Therefore, you want to avoid a facility that promises results by any given period of time. 

While it is nice to have a projected end date, as well as an outline of the levels of care you will progress through, you also want to be comforted by the fact that you won’t be kicked out after 30 days regardless of where you are in your journey. A facility that works with you and allows you to stay until you feel comfortable and confident enough to leave is a must.  

A comfortable, dignified environment 

Some rehab programs boast luxurious living quarters in the picturesque Rocky Mountains or glamorous beaches of California — but the reality is, these fancy facilities charge heaps of money for their views. While everyone prefers to live comfortably, such luxury is actually quite superfluous when it comes to a good rehab program. 

Instead of looking for something extravagant, you’ll want to seek out a facility that is clean, orderly and treats their clients with dignity and respect. Doubtless you experienced many negative emotions regarding self-worth and dignity during your fight with addiction, and so in order to restore that to your life once more, it’s helpful to be surrounded by it during recovery.

Again, this doesn’t mean it needs to be fancy. As long as the facility is clean and orderly, the staff is professional and kind and the site’s mission is clear and dignified, you’re likely to be in good hands.

Evidence-based treatment approaches

Just as you wouldn’t waste time visiting a doctor who doesn’t know what he’s doing, so, too, you don’t want to give up time or money to a treatment center with questionable methods. 

In order to ensure proper care, take the time to research the different kinds of treatment approaches the rehab facility offers its clients. Some of the most common addiction counseling methods in drug and alcohol rehab centers include: 

By researching treatment methods, you’ll have a much broader understanding of what to expect when enrolling in addiction rehab. 

Considering an addiction treatment program? 

Once you know how to choose a rehab program, it comes time to actually enroll. While it might be intimidating, facing the reality of a new lifestyle, it also comes with the promise of new possibilities and freedom from addiction. 

If you are searching for a rehab center to help you meet your recovery goals, we encourage you to check out the programs offered through our CARF certified facility, Rehab After Work. With staff trained in co-occurring disorders and holistic counseling services, we guarantee professional, dignified and respectful service. 

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