Dealing with Legal Issues in Recovery

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for people with substance use disorders to get possession charges and DUIs. Typically this happened while they are in their active addiction because they are not thinking as clearly as they would be if they were sober. For those who have actively sought treatment and are now in recovery dealing with the legal ramifications can be discouraging. Even though they are now sober, repercussions of their past actions are still there, waiting for a court date. So if you find yourself in this situation we highly suggest the following.

Staying Sober Regardless

Getting a legal notice in the mail doesn’t mean you should give up and go back to drinking or doing drugs. If anything, it means you should work your recovery even harder. Showing a judge that you’ve turned your life around and are staying sober can go a long way. At the very least, it will prevent you from getting into further legal trouble that could damage your record and lead to more severe consequences. Stay on track with the community you’ve built around you during treatment and the beginning stages of recovery.

Using Your Community for Legal Help

In addition to staying sober and continuing to work a strong recovery, getting a lawyer if you can afford one can really help your situation. Sharing about your struggles in a 12-step meeting may lead to referrals for lawyers other people have had success with in the past. It will also provide you with a sense of support as you go through this stressful period in your life.

Find a Counselor

Another helpful way of managing the stresses that come along with going through legal issues is counseling. Working with a counselor can help you develop healthy coping skills for dealing with stress as your court dates approach. A letter from your counselor documenting that you are making progress in therapy and have remained abstinent from substances evidenced by negative urine drug screens can also go a long way.

To begin working with a counselor who can help you overcome your legal issues, contact Rehab After Work to schedule an intake evaluation.

Article Written by Shaylyn Forte, LPC, CAADC