5 Meaningful Holiday Gifts for Someone in Recovery

Gift giving during the holiday season always comes with challenges – there’s pressure to find the perfect gift for the important people in your life. If someone close to you has recently started their journey on the path to recovery, or been in sustained recovery for some time, you might want to acknowledge that in your holiday gift choice for them. There are several gifts that can show a person in recovery that you’re mindful of their journey and respect their strength and dedication to their sobriety.


Many drug and alcohol rehab programs recommend journaling as a way for people to stay mindful and process difficult feelings during recovery. Journaling can also give an individual the opportunity to look back at their struggles and acknowledge the progress they have made. A nice journal that reflects the individual’s personality or style is likely to be well-received and considered useful.

Fitness Class Passes

Physical activity is a great stress reliever for anyone, but it can be especially beneficial for individuals in recovery. It’s a productive way to fill time that might have previously been spent using, and can contribute to a healthy sleep schedule (something that can be difficult for people in recovery to establish). Whether your loved one is into yoga or kickboxing, a pass to their favorite gym or fitness class can be a perfect holiday gift.

Commemorative or Personalized Jewelry

A personalized necklace, bracelet, or other charm is a great way for an individual to wear a reminder of their achievements in recovery. Consider finding something that represents the date of their sobriety, or the amount of time they’ve maintained it, if you think a more subtle gift might be appreciated. There are also online stores that sell jewelry designed to celebrate sobriety by incorporating common symbols in the recovery community (like the AA triangle.)

Spa Day

Self-care is a huge part of a successful recovery lifestyle. Particularly in early recovery, a person may feel compelled to “make up” for the period of time they spent in active addiction, or prove to others that they’ve turned over a new leaf. This can add to the stress of building a new sober lifestyle. A self-care spa day featuring a massage, facial, pedicure or any other treatment can provide an individual in recovery with the chance to relax, let go of any stressful thoughts, and treat themselves.

Photo Album

Early recovery can be a lonely time period. An individual might have severed their previous social ties in an effort to find friends who can support their new lifestyle. Family connections and bonds might have been weakened by addiction. To remind a person of their support system, gift them with a photo album filled with pictures of family and friends who support them on their journey. Leave a few pages blank so that new memories can be commemorated, too.

Giving the perfect gift is never easy. Use these options for inspiration to find a memorable holiday gift for the person in recovery in your life.

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