Life-Saving Narcan: Why It’s Needed and How to Get It

Narcan is used to treat a narcotic overdose, typically in emergency situations. It is commonly known as Naltrexone and may be referred to as naloxone. Availability of this life-saving drug is getting easier. Continue reading to learn more about life-saving narcan.

The Bad News

According to the DEA, there were 3,383 overdose deaths in Pennsylvania last year. That’s a 23.4 percent increase from 2014. Toxicology reports showed that opiates were found in about 81 percent of deaths. Heroin was the drug associated with most overdose deaths. The deadly opiate was found in 55 percent of the toxicology reports performed on drug overdose fatalities. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid many dealers are mixing into their heroin to create a stronger high, was the second most prevalent substance found in toxicology reports. It was present in about 27 percent of overdose fatalities.

The Good News

Legislation like the Good Samaritan laws and Act 139 are combatting the opiate epidemic and preventing overdose deaths. The Good Samaritan laws were developed to encourage those witnessing a drug or alcohol overdose to call for help. These laws provide immunity from legal action to individuals who contact first responders for assistance in an overdose situation. Act 139 allows all first responders to carry naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, so they can reverse an opiate overdose without having to wait until the victim can be transported to a medical facility.

Even Better News

In the state of Pennsylvania, you can obtain naloxone from your local pharmacy without a prescription. For more information on starting the process of obtaining naloxone for your home, go to