Our Paoli location in Chester County offers a wide variety of outpatient, intensive outpatient, and specialty groups for adults, young adults, and adolescents. Creating a thorough strategy for combatting addiction in every aspect of life is at the core of every patient plan created.

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At our Paoli location we focus on adult addictions by offering both individual and family outpatient therapy. In addition to outpatient therapy, partial day programs for adults may be used to create a structured treatment plan. Programs can include group therapy, 12-step education, meditation, and more. Rehab After Work in Paoli offers bio-feedback therapy for adults in a BioLounge that induces theta level meditative state.

For teens and young adults our Paoli location offers intensive outpatient treatment which can be a valuable alternative to residential therapy. Our young adult rehab programs focus on helping youths transition into adulthood while treating their addiction through a variety of tactics. For many teens outpatient therapy for both individuals and families is part of the treatment process after a rehab stay.

Other Services Offered at our Paoli Location Include:

  • Outpatient interventions
  • Continuing care for adults which includes addiction awareness and DUI programs for those seeking support and guidance in their recovery following inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Vivitrol injections for adults

8am-9pm M-F
Some weekend availability