Our Havertown location features adult and young adult Intensive Outpatient programs. We also offer our Addictions Awareness and DUI programs at this location.

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We work with each client individually to create a treatment plan for their unique needs. Our adult addiction programs can include individual, family, and group outpatient therapy. Many clients use these programs after completing an inpatient program elsewhere. Others utilize our treatment plans as an alternative to an inpatient program.

We also offer addiction awareness and DUI programs for those who are showing early warning signs of an addiction or need to complete treatment obligations. Our DUI treatment programs can be used to fulfill state mandated treatment requirements.

For young adults, our center in Havertown has an Intensive Outpatient treatment program which can be an alternative to residential therapy in the appropriate cases. These programs help young adults transition into adulthood while managing and treating their addictions. We intentionally maintain small therapy groups to foster a sense of community and support among peers as they face similar life decisions.

7:30AM – 10PM M-F