Our Media location offers an adult Intensive Outpatient program, as well as an Intensive Outpatient program for adolescents with a dual diagnosis.

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Here we offer programs for adult addictions in either individual, family, or group outpatient therapy. These programs are often used by those who require frequent sessions to gain and maintain control over their addictions. Our outpatient programs can be beneficial for addicts before they reach a point where inpatient therapy might be needed. Alternatively, many patients use our programs after completing inpatient programs.

For teens, our Media location has an intensive outpatient treatment program. This can be an alternative to residential therapy, or entered after completing an inpatient program. These programs help young adults transition into adulthood while managing and treating their addictions. The group sessions are purposefully small so that each individual receives the attention they need.

At our Media location, we also offer partial day holistic programs for teens focusing on co-occurring disorders through our partner, The Light Program.

7:30am-10:30pm M-F
Some weekend availability