Our Addiction Treatment Programs

To keep our clients safe during COVID-19, we are conducting a hybrid of in-person and online treatment:

  • Intensive outpatient (IOP) groups are meeting through BlueJeans, a secure, HIPPA-compliant video conferencing platform.
  • Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is being conducted in-person.
  • Level of Care Assessments (LOCA) are being offered both online and in-person. Each client can choose the method that feels most comfortable for them.

We are following all CDC guidelines for disinfection and social distancing to keep our clients safe while providing essential mental health care.

Rehab After Work and Rehab After School addiction treatment programs recognize that drug and/or alcohol addiction is a complex problem that can affect almost every aspect of an individual’s life: family, work, school, and community. Because of the devastating consequences of this disease, our treatment programs for both adults and teens involve many unique components since single treatment method or approach is appropriate for everyone. Matching addiction treatment programs and services to an individual’s particular problems and needs is critical to their success.