Our education-based Addictions Awareness and DUI Program is designed for adults experiencing the consequences of excessive drug and/or alcohol use. Rehab After Work provides a small group setting for an effective experience.

Participants in these programs are typically:

  • Showing early warning signs of having a substance abuse problem, but do not meet the criteria to be involved in a formal treatment program.
  • Beginning to use drugs and/or alcohol and are at risk for developing a substance abuse problem in the future and want to avoid any progression of the disease.

Alternatively, the DUI programs are offered for those individuals who have had a first-time DUI and may need state-required treatment.

Need to fulfill DUI treatment requirements? This program can help!

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DUI Program Information

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, our program can fulfill treatment requirements. Courts often mandate alcohol education following a conviction. Your lawyer may advise you to voluntarily enroll in a DUI program, even if it’s not required. This can sometimes lead to reduced penalties.

Rehab After Work provides drug and alcohol evaluations, as well as drug testing. We also provide letters of completion to demonstrate that you’ve fulfilled treatment requirements.

Our addictions awareness program takes place at our state-licensed rehab facilities in Pennsylvania. For more information about DUI program scheduling at the Rehab After Work location nearest you, call (610) 644-6464.

Drug and Alcohol Education

Although many participants in our programs are fulfilling treatment requirements for a DUI, you do not have to be convicted to enroll. These programs are designed for anyone who is seeking more information about drug and alcohol use.

If you’re concerned about your current level of use, we encourage you to get in touch with our treatment professionals. This program is a safe, non-judgmental place for you to evaluate your substance use to see how it fits into your life.

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Interested in learning more about our Addictions Awareness and DUI Program? Ready to enroll? Contact us on our website or by phone at (610) 644-6464.

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