Many young adults struggle with leaving their parents’ home, succeeding in college, living independently, and becoming self-sufficient. These tasks become especially difficult when they are also living with addiction. In some cases, the pressures of growing independent can lead to substance use as a way to cope. If you are a young adult (age 18-24) or the parent of a young adult struggling with substance use, we can help.

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Group and Family Therapy

Group therapy sessions are at the core of our young adult rehab. The program consists of group intensive outpatient sessions four times a week and/or once weekly outpatient groups, and individual counseling sessions as needed. Group topics may vary, but will focus on ways to navigate adulthood while maintaining recovery. We make every effort to match group participants based on similar life experiences.

One of the unique aspects of Rehab After Work is our family programming. We understand that addiction affects the entire family, so our intensive outpatient treatment includes family group one time per week. Additional family sessions can be arranged with clinicians.

Family members are also encouraged to seek counseling with Rehab After Work. Counseling is a good way to process emotions, improve communication among family members, and learn how to support a loved one in recovery. Please call our intake department at (800) 238-4357 if you are interested in family counseling.

Effective Rehab Programs for Young Adults

Our rehab programs for young adults are different than a typical adult program because the focus is on the unique life circumstances that these clients are facing. These young adult treatment programs are designed to connect clients to others who may be sharing similar life experiences, such as pursuing higher education, gaining full-time employment, and regaining independence. We guide clients in establishing community supports outside of the family.

Our mission is to help these young adults transition into responsible and engaged adulthood by providing individualized rehab for young adults in a comfortable group environment. We hope to give clients in these groups the tools necessary to launch themselves into a meaningful and productive future.

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