Our teen programs are currently being offered online through BlueJeans, a secure, HIPAA-compliant video conference provider. We are accepting new clients and conducting Level of Care Assessments via BlueJeans as well.

Online therapy sessions keep our clients safe during COVID-19. You can learn more about teletherapy here.

Substance Abuse Assessment

We schedule a comprehensive biopsychosocial substance abuse assessment for every teen interested in pursuing treatment with Rehab After School. These evaluations are provided by one of our qualified clinical professionals. Once the evaluation is complete, our counselors work with the individual to create an appropriate treatment plan, including referrals for ancillary services as necessary.

Drug Screening

We ask that all of our clients, regardless of the program they participate in, submit to random drug screens. We use drug screening methods and laboratories that can provide us with detailed information regarding the results of each sample. If needed, we also provide cutting-edge and innovative services for those who need medication assisted treatment.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments are available through our treatment partner, The Light Program. These assessments are available for adults, teens, and children and can provide important information about a diagnosis and course of treatment. Those who believe they may be struggling from a mental health issue, such as depression, in addition to addiction may benefit from a psychological assessment.

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