Reaching Rock Bottom: How Bad Does It Have to Get?

We have all heard the saying that people are not ready for recovery until they have hit rock bottom. However, as their addiction progresses, the definition of “rock bottom” can become more and more worrisome.

I would never let that happen to me.

I would never get a DUI.

I haven’t been arrested yet.

When is the right time to enter treatment? Internal motivation is the key to long-term success. You may show up because you are mandated, given an ultimatum or simply desperate.
But what brings you here is not as important as what keeps you here.

If you’re not sure if your rock bottom has come up to greet you yet, look again at the statements above. “Yet” can stand for “you’re eligible too.” The worst does not have to happen for you to consider how you could live your life a better way.

“Rock Bottom” Changes With Perspective

Waiting to hit rock bottom may be the same as thinking “I never.” Think about which of your “nevers” have already come true. I NEVER thought I would lie to my wife. I NEVER thought I would call in sick because of alcohol. I NEVER thought I would be a person who… fill in the blank.

When staying well hurts less than staying sick, you are ready to begin the long, courageous journey of recovery.

You don’t have to wait to see how far the bottom will drop. If you are hurting from addiction, your rock bottom will have a trap door, and you will keep falling and falling.

We are here to catch you and help you feel the ground beneath your feet. You never have to hurt again.

Bonnie Baker, MS, LPC, CAADC